This episode is between Pastor Corey Bane and Pastor John Woullard discussing pastoral succession at Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Pastor Bane was the pastor for 9 years before resigning. 

 Pastor Woullard was an assistant pastor for 14 years at another church before becoming the new pastor at Shenandoah.

 They discuss how to smoothly transition leadership between pastors through open communication, humility, prayer and trusting God’s timing and direction.

What we discuss:

  • Pastoral succession and relationships in a church transition.
  • Pastoral Succession and Leadership Transition. 
  • Pastoral transition and leadership.
  • Humility and transparency in church leadership. 
  • Waiting for God’s timing in finding a senior pastor. 
  • Faith and obedience in a pastor’s journey. 
  • Pastoral transition and leadership.
  • Leadership and ministry structure.