Think about it. Your life span compared to all of eternity is merely a mist, a vapor, a puff of smoke. Blink your eyes and you’re 18. Blink again and you’re 30, married two kids, career… Blink again and you are attending your child’s graduation, wedding. With so little time for impact it does make sense to think about what we do with the impact/time we are afforded.

What value is the mist your vapor is leaving behind?

Do you live for self or do you surrender your life to live for God who impacts all of eternity? Up in smoke or leaving a mist of joy and impact that last? James 4:13-15 gives the perspective we should have and the pursuit we should focus. Get God’s perspective as given in His Word and pursue His will.

Here are some ways to do that:

1. Seek God first in all things. Reference Psalm 37:4-5; Matt. 6:33

2. Search out biblical principles to inform the decisions you make. Reference Proverbs 1: 20-23; 2:6

3. Consider the possible motives driving your decision at this time. Reference Proverbs 16:2; 20:9; 21:2

4. Carefully consider the possible outcomes for making the decision. Reference Proverbs 14:1, 15; 27:12

5. Ask God for wisdom and trust Him. Reference James 1:5-8

We need the mist God has designed for your life. Thank you!