Proverbs 14:9 says “Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.” Or-“the selfish or spiritually blind person ridicules right and wrong, but a moral person’s life is favored. Take note when you find good will shown by others today. I know it often seems so rare that we halt just for a second and take note of it. I see footage and hear reports of “Black Friday” fights and cursing’s and find it amazing how society behaves. People fight to be first in line, disgruntled employers and employees, occupiers, neighbors and others demand their rights. But the common bond of God’s people, true followers of Christ, should be good will. Take 5 to reflect on what Christ has done for you then be reminded to have good will toward others, as it has surely been extended toward us.

Think The Best, First

Good will thinks the best of others, assumes that others have good motives, and intend to do what is right. Hear is a challenge I read that may help us show good will today. “When someone crosses you, and you feel your blood pressure rising, ask yourself.“ How can you show good will to this person?” We are entering a season of year, that encourages us even more than other times, to practice showing “peace and good will toward all men”. And oh how we are reminded that we could only do this consistently because of the power of Christ working in us and through us!

An attitude of gratitude will change your altitude!